There’s A Thing… (audio story)

“It felt like the Berlin Wall had come down!”

Rachel is forced to make a huge decision in the face of a health scare.

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Rachel Ogilvy is an actress, theatre maker, voiceover artist and life-long fan of the NHS. Her lengthy and varied career has encompassed portraying Huckleberry Finn, Desdemona, Estella, Lady Macbeth, Doris Day, Mrs Pinkerton, a Cannibal, a Bishop and a Zombie. She has written, produced and performed in her critically acclaimed one-woman show “The Crossing” for the Edinburgh Festival, which also toured the UK and to LA. Her current writing project is a site-specific piece based on the Dance Halls of Glasgow during the Second World War. Rachel lives in Scotland with Nanna, her cat and her husband, Colin.

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