Sex Offence – by Andy Paterson

A new play by Andy Paterson, writer of the critically acclaimed play 3000 Trees: The Death of Mr William MacRae – the story of the assassination of SNP politician Willie MacRae in 1985.

Paterson takes another swipe at the heart of a corrupt Establishment in this fast paced two-hander with unexpected twists. On the evening Home Secretary Archie Cornwall celebrates the passing of new, tougher sentencing guidelines for convicted paedophiles, he is visited by his former lover, tabloid newspaper editor Fiona Myles. Meanwhile, in South London. a road rage incident has escalated into a shooting, leaving five people dead.

Instead of enjoying an evening of celebration, Archie finds himself in the eye of the storm as Fiona reveals what she knows about his afternoon gatherings at his Mayfair flat, his connection with the South London shootings and a former children’s home. But will Archie be hanged on his own gallows, or is he too powerful to be toppled?

Reflecting the climate created by current historic abuse cases, Paterson’s new play takes a sometimes darkly comedic look at the culture of entitlement within the Westminster establishment as it struggles to deal with potentially damaging revelations.

Andy’s first play, 3000 Trees: The Death of Mr William MacRae, has been touring since its first sold-out Edinburgh Fringe run in 2014 and has gathered a cult following that will keep it touring for many years to come.

3000 Trees: The Death of Mr William MacRae has received 4 and 5 star reviews and was given ‘Outstanding Show’ by

The funding being sought will allow Sex Offence to progress into its full run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. We still have a funding shortfall of some £5000 for this play, We really hope that some of you can help. Sponsorship deals are still available also at this stage.

We are confident that Sex Offence will be popular with critics and audience alike. The show, along with 3000 Trees: The Death of Mr William MacRae is being promoted by The Stand (Salt ‘N’ Sauce Promotions).

Over the last three years we have taken plays around the country to non-theatre venues and theatres alike – without public funding funding we have reached audiences in some of the most remote parts of the country. In Spring of 2018, we will tour Sex Offence in the same way. Funding the fringe show will also assist in kick starting that tour. Please help us continue this work.

Andy has a track record in delivering small scale touring theatre with 3000 Trees, Iain Heggie’s The Tobacco Merchant’s Lawyer and his new show about the Croatian War of Independence Arizona Market: A Soldier’s Story.

Andy Paterson trained as an actor at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland after a varied career in journalism, design and music.